Yui - Gloria

Posted on March 14th, 2010 in jpop by Alex

si o traducere neoficiala a versurilor :

ah ah ah ah ah
The door to fascination? Even your view of your future
Tries to change, because of your youth
Your life changes, you want a girlfriend/boyfriend
But you become a coward, it’s like a mountain full of challenges
In order to find the answer,
I can’t throw away this feeling, all night long

Isn’t it your dream?
Just a bit more, and you feel you can reach it
Sometimes I can’t see it anymore

It’s the same even if you look for a shortcut
You’ll just get lost again

ah ah ah ah ah
All the successful people, they boast
about their experiences, but they sound like they’re talking about others
And here I am, in this small room
Thinking, Dreaming of my future
I ask myself, but
I can’t imagine that feeling, all night long

Aren’t you losing?
GLORIA just past that bright future
You sure are getting closer

I won’t blame others anymore
I’ll take it all myself
If you can’t forget about youself and do this frantically, it’s all a lie

uh uh uh When sakura starts blooming
uh uh uh I’ll probably be able to find my new self

It’s not a dream, you believe that you can do this
Although I’m scared inside

You feel vexed, so Get glory days

Aren’t you losing?
GLORIA in front of the bright future
You sure are getting closer

Alone during sleepless nights
Even when you wrap your arms around your knees
baby theres no time to cry

ah ah ah ah ah